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About You

Think about your wedding day... Are you getting married in the same place where you met your future spouse? Or maybe your wedding bouquet came from the other half of the globe from a place that means a lot to you? Maybe you would like to incorporate some old tradition to your wedding? Or perhaps a London cab drives you to your wedding because England is your favourite holiday destination?

The situations mentioned above are the real-life examples from the weddings we were part of. They have one thing in common - they are still vivid in our memories even after several years. Why? Because these details tell a lot about people and their stories. And in Magic Hour Weddings we believe that a good film is made of unforgettable moments

- your moments!

In Magic Hour Weddings we believe that a good film is made of unforgettable moments

- your moments!

 We want to  keep your smiles, tears and kisses alive forever. 

Our Philosophy

We have been lucky to create videos for people who are looking for an artistic videography with a little bit of magic instead of a raw documentary footage, people with open minds and unusual ideas. Making a wedding video is both a big responsibility and a privilege and that's why it's important for us to do it in the best possible way. The knowledge of various film techniques and the gift of storytelling give us a great ability to create a film perfectly tailored to your dreams.

Every wedding story is different so we don't have one video template. Instead, we prefer an individual approach and we focus on you - who you are and what makes your story outstanding. The wedding day is a day like no other - when everything happens very fast and you are not able to be everywhere, see and remember everything. Years later, the wedding film will be the piece that helps you to recall your special day in the best possible way. We hope it will become a treasure to you and your family.

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